The Code of The Qur’an: Introduction

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In the name of God, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful.

May the peace, blessings and mercy of God be upon you. I would like to give an introduction to the miraculous mathematical code of The Qur’an. I will try, God-willing, to keep things as simple and as understandable as I can so that you do not end up feeling too bird-brained or mottle-minded, or overloaded with information as you read my posts. I know from personal experience how the mind can get after it has had too much numbers and equations and stuff like that.

A few decades ago it was God’s messenger of the Covenant, Doctor Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D. who discovered by God’s divine grace and guidance that The Qur’an is a numerically structured book built in accordance to a mathematical code that is based upon the number 19. Although he was martyred by disbelievers in the year 1990, the work on The Qur’an and it’s code that he began in the 1970’s was not at all put to waste. Since those days, plenty of others have joined in on researching the miraculous mathematical nature of The Qur’an such as Doctor ‘Ali R. Fazeli, Ph.D. Anyways, it has been found by the various people who have done the research on the code using computors and advanced mathematics, that this code is so complex, flawless and intricate that it was not possible that a human being in the seventh century A.D. without the technology necessary for such complex calculations could have produced The Qur’an, (Muhhamad did not have a computor, and he was not a professor of trigonometry or calculus or any other form of advanced mathematics; he was a literate merchant).

I have done my own research too. I do not know myself whether or not others have found that The Qur’an is not based solely upon the number 19…but in my own research I have found that The Qur’an seems to be based also upon the number 7, (you might ask, “How could a mathematic code be based upon more than one number? This is something else that I’ll explain later, God-willing, but it is totally realistic). Right now, I wish to show you some of the mathematical phenomena in The Qur’an concerning the numbers 7 and 19:

1) The first surah of The Qur’an, Surat AlFateha, has 7 verses.

2) The Qur’an says in 7 verses in 7 surahs, (one verse per surah), that God created 7 heavens; by “heavens,” it means both 7 skies and 7 universes, (2:29; 23:17; 41:12; 65:12; 67:3; 71:15; and 78:12).

3) The Qur’an says Hell will have 7 gates, guarded by 19 angels, (15:43-44; 74:30-31).

4) In 74:30, where The Qur’an says “Over it is nineteen,” (as in over Hell are 19 angels), the Arabic word meaning “19” has 7 letters in Arabic, (tis’at ‘ashara; the Arabic letters are ta-sin-‘ayn-tamarbutta ‘ayn-shin-ra).

Here I will God-willing quote the verses I’ve listed:

“He is the One who created for you everything on
the land; then He turned to the sky and made it
balanced as seven skies. And He is the Knower of
all things.” 2:29

“Indeed We created above you seven universes
and We are never unaware of a single
creation.” 23:17

“He then completed them as seven skies in two
days, and He inspired in each sky its law. And
We adorned the lowest sky with lamps, and
placed in it guards. Such is the design of The
Almighty, The All Knower.” 41:12

“God is the One who created seven skies and of the land similar ones. His command descends upon them in order for you to realize that God is All Powerful over all things and that God’s knowledge encompasses all things.’ 65:12

“He is the One who created the seven skies in
layers. You never see any contradictions in the
creation of The All Gracious. Go ahead, take a
look; do you see any flaw?” 67:3

“Do you not see how God has created seven
skies in layers?” 71:15

“And constructed above you seven firmaments.” 78:12

“And surely Hell is promised to all of them. It has seven gates; each gate assigned to a specific group of them.” 15:43-44

“Over it is Nineteen.  And We appointed angels to be guardians of The Fire; and We have assigned their numberonly as a test for disbelievers, and for the people of the scripture to attain certainty, and for the believers to increase their belief, and that no doubts may remain for the people of the scripture and the believers, and as for those who have a disease in their hearts and the disbelievers say, what did God mean by this example? God thus sends astray whomever He wills and guides whomever He wills. And no one knows the armies of your Lord except Him and this is only a reminder for all the people.” 74:30-31

So why is it so interesting that The Qur’an is structured upon the numbers 7 and 19? God-willing I will explain. These numbers serve as mathematical signatures of Allah, showing divine authorship. 7 represents Allah’s authorship because there are 7 universes and Allah is the Creator and Ruler of the 7 universes: “Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universes,” 1:2. And 19 represents Allah because Allah is The First and The Last, and on the modern numberline the first nonzero-digit is 1, and the last nonzero-digit is 9; 19 thus represents Allah as The First and The Last, while 7 represents Allah as the Lord of the universes. Thus, the common denominators of the mathematical code of The Qur’an are 7 and 19.



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  1. The Code of The Qur’an: Introduction | Research of The Quran

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