GOD: Morality, Perfection, and Illusion

In the Name of The GOD, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful.

I seek refuge in GOD against Satan the rejected.

How do we know what is moral? How do we know what is real? What do these things have to do with the perfection of GOD? These are the questions I intend to answer in this article. There is a connection between the perfection of GOD, morality, and the illusory nature of this world.

The people have argued that GOD must exist because GOD is perfect; for if something does not exist, it is not perfect. This is called in philosophy, the Ontological Argument. I do believe that GOD exists, and that GOD is perfect. I do not believe, however, that the Ontological Argument is correct. It’s a bad argument. Let’s look at it’s structure:


Premise 1: GOD by definition is perfect.

Premise 2: Existence is a necessary attribute of perfect things.

Conclusion: GOD necessarily exists.

The conclusion for the Ontological Argument should rather be: “Therefore, GOD either exists, or, GOD is not perfect.” Definition is not a fact or a tangible reality.That is why the Ontological Argument proves nothing. Here’s another example:

Premise 1: Superman is perfect by definition.

Premise 2: Nonexistence is an imperfection.

Premise 3: Perfect things must exist.

Thus: Superman must exist.

The trouble here, is that Superman does not exist! Replace each occurrence of “Superman” with “The island hovering two feet above London.” You have the same problem. In reality, there is no island floating two feet above London. The logic of the Ontological Argument seems to perfectly prove something that we know is false due to real life evidence. But what if we apply the Ontological Argument to prove the existence of a being that is perfect, yet it’s existence cancels out GOD? Suppose we define an entity, and think of it; this entity is a per being yet, this being, by definition, can only exist if GOD doesn’t. Well, because it’s perfect by definition, the Ontological Argument must logically prove that it exists; but that is a contradiction, because the OA also would prove that GOD exists, yet this other being will only exist if GOD does not! Keep in mind, that only being able to exist if GOD does not, is not an imperfection because whenever the being – let’s call it the Antigod – does exist, it is perfect, and should it not exist, it is neither perfect nor imperfect. So which is it? The OA should equally prove the existence of both GOD and Antigod, if it really proves anything. But the answer is that it proves neither. The mistake is that the Ontological Argument assumes that nonexistence is an imperfection. But “imperfection” is a quality, and qualities by definition belong to things that exist. Therefore, you have to exist to be imperfect. Thus, nonexistence is not an imperfection. Since nonexistence is not an imperfection, the second premise of the Ontological Argument is false. Therefore, the argument does not work.

Since GOD is perfect, and a lack of knowledge, power, or goodness, is an imperfection, GOD lacks neither, and possesses each one infinitely.Being omniscient, GOD knows of every event. Being omnipotent, GOD has full control over every event. It is impossible for anything to happen without GOD’S permission. Being infinitely good, omnibenevolent, GOD does not allow anything bad to happen, but instead ensures that only what is best happens. Being omniscient, GOD knows best what is best for us. Therefore, everything that happens is the best possible thing for us. If we are deceived by our senses, and by an illusory world nature, it is best for us. But humans, possessing only finite knowledge, cannot see that when something happens to them they think is bad, it is actually best for them.

Morality is the realization and acceptance of the fact that we do nothing on our own accord; we are completely subordinate to GOD. It is impossible to do something, if GOD does not want you to do it. But what people want to know, is how to distinguish between right and wrong, righteous and unrighteous. Righteousness is obeying the will of GOD. Unrighteousness is disobeying GOD. The unrighteous are part of the illusion of the world; they don’t really exist. That is why The Qur’an says they are already in Hell.


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