GOD is perfect. But the Ontological Argument, which states that since perfect things must exist because nonexistence is an imperfection, and that since GOD by definition is perfect, GOD must exist, proves nothing. The Ontological Argument takes this general form: Premise 1. GOD is perfect by definition; Premise 2. Nonexistence is an imperfection, perfect things thus cannot be nonexistent; CONCLUSION: GOD must exist. But the reason why the Ontological Argument proves nothing, is because it’s first premise is a mere definition, rather than a fact. Additionally, nonexistence might not be an imperfection; in order for something to be imperfect, it has to exist, therefore if something doesn’t exist, it cannot be imperfect, and therefore, nonexistence cannot be an imperfection. If nonexistence is not an imperfection, then the second premise of the Ontological Argument is false.

Renes Descartes used the Ontological Argument to philosophically establish the existence of GOD, to allow himself to use the perfection of GOD to construct a logical argument to prove that our senses are reliable sources of information. He basically argued: 1. GOD is perfect; 2. Thus, GOD is infinitely good, for any lack of goodness is an imperfection; 3. Being infinitely good, GOD does not decieve us via our senses. This argument is wrong. Since GOD is perfect, and a lack of power or of knowledge would be an imperfection, as is a lack of goodness, GOD possesses infinite knowledge, power, and goodness.Thus, GOD controls everything that happens; and being Omniscient, GOD knows what is best. Being omnibenevolent, GOD does only what is best. Therefore, if it happens that we are deceived by our senses, this must mean that GOD, being perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent, has caused the deception because it is actually somehow best.


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