EMP Devices in War

‘Audhubillahi mmin ash-shayttanir-rajeem.


I seek refuge in THE GOD from Satan the Rejected.


In war, bombs and missiles, rockets and tanks, and other highly destructive and murderous tools are used to destroy and defeat our enemies. But the issues with using them is this: that since the enemy forces are a mix of individuals that are either morally the enemies of GOD or are not truly enemies of GOD, by destroying groups of enemies, we run the risk of killing individuals that are morally good people at heart. For example, the United States is currently at war with terrorist organizations in the Middle East. But not all those fighting among their forces are doing so because they are evil or immoral people. Many of them are good-hearted people with wives and children, who are in some way forced to fight for those terrorist organizations. By bombing terrorist bases, for example, although chances are pretty good you’ll destroy an ample amount of evil individuals, chances are also fairly high you’ll be killing an even larger number of good-hearted individuals who had no other option than to fight for those terrorists. Maybe if they had refused, their families lives would have been at stake. So this brings up a question: is there a way to defeat enemy forces of any kind, terrorist or other, without killing people?

Theoretically, YES. There is something called an EMP device. EMP stands for “electromagnetic pulse.” An EMP device is an electronic device that generates and radiates a strong electromagnetic field that will interfere with and deactivate surrounding electronic devices that are within the range of it’s electromagnetic field. If strong enough, the EMP can not only deactivate, but fry and scramble, and permanently destroy, surrounding electronic devices. A powerful enough EMP could theoretically deactivate and destroy every electronic device in an enemy camp or base, or in a group of enemies in a battle zone. That would include communications devices, vehicles, and weapons…missile and rocket launchers, tanks, computer systems used for launching jets and such. In modern times, enemy forces would be powerless if all their electronic devices were shut down. We’d be able to disarm and overpower them without harming anyone.

The only issue I can think of right now, is that the enemies might be located near civilian areas containing individuals that require electronic devices in order to survive, such as hospitals with patients on breathing machines, or life-support. So we’d have to be sure that the EMP won’t reach those areas. But theoretically that could be done.

While thinking of this, I have had a certain story from The Torah in mind; the story of when Lot was sojourning in the city of Sodom, and GOD revealed to Abraham that GOD will destroy the whole city, except for Lot and his family. Abraham debates with GOD, and asks GOD if GOD would spare the city if even a minority of the city’s population is righteous. GOD of course, through a lengthy debate with Abraham, assures him that if even a small number of righteous believers existed in the city, GOD would spare the whole city. That means GOD HIMSELF confirms that it is morally worth it to spare a larger population of unrighteous people, in order to preserve the lives of a minority of righteous people. Of course, GOD knew the only righteous inhabitants of the city were Lot and his children, and since GOD had them leave the city, GOD therefore ensured there were no righteous individuals in the city. But our military and our government is not GOD; they cannot know for sure how many individuals in a base, a camp, a troop, or whatever, are morally deserving of death or of being spared. What they CAN know, is that IF there are any innocent individuals, it is morally worth it to spare the lives of the evil individuals in order to preserve the lives of whatever innocent individuals who may be present in the targeted area.



  1. soussanq19f

    Salam! Thanks to Almighty Lord for such brilliant advice from quranscientist! All my congratulations to you!

    Dear sirs, as a matter of fact it is some time that I want to connect to “scientists” concerning the Qur’an! I have written to many mediatic people…either they do not open the mails of unknown people; or they do not bother to answer.

    I just want to spread the fact of the “Second Opening” of the Qur’an for people of 21st C., & the third dimension of Knowledge of the Qur’an through Science of our time! And for this I need “Scientists”!

    Your way of fighting against Evil, and EMP Devices is Genius! And there is also another way to be considered for fighting,that is “The Pen” of the Qur’an.

    I have been studying the Qur’an for the last 30 years; the fruit of my studies & founding are on a site: furqan3dquran.com I am not a writer and have never written a book; all I want, is for people to know.

    Today, The Creator, is Introducing Himself, through Science, to people of 21st C, and Re-Opens His Word for a second time, Opening the full Knowledge of His “Word”, at the “dawn” of the 15th C of the Qur’an; the period after “Prophet Muhammad”. Respectfully yours,


    • Wa’alaykumussalam.

      I don’t know about any “second opening of The Qur’an.” Every time an individual opens The Qur’an, that is an opening. There have been countless. But in modern times, we have new ways of understanding The Qur’an and The Previous Scriptures, through science.

      As for war, The Qur’an states several rules that, if we were to follow them, would make modern warfare impossible. For example, though at the moment I don’t recall which verse it is, The Qur’an forbids us from killing believers. In modern warfare, the people we kill are mostly complete strangers, and we cannot know if they are believers or not. So if we want to obey The Qur’an and not kill believers, we cannot engage in modern warfare. That’s just one example.

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