Tapping Into God’s Power Within You.

In the Name of The God, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I seek refuge in God against the rejected devil.

My Lord, I seek refuge in You against the whispers of the devils, and I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me.

              In Yoga there is something called a “chakra.” A chakra is a spinning vortex of lifeforce entering into the body at a specific spot. The lifeforce of these chakras flows into and throughout the body in distinct channels like rivers, or like the veins of blood. The channels of lifeforce are called “nadhis” or “meridians.” There are seven major chakras, including the Anahata Chakra located at the solar plexus, (the heart region), and the Ajna Chakra at the third-eye point between the eyebrows. According to Yoga, which calls this lifeforce “prana,” prana also enters the body through our breath. We breathe it in with our air, and it vitalizes our bodies.

              The Qur’an calls this lifeforce “ruhh,” which literally means “spirit” (see http://corpus.quran.com/search.jsp?q=%D8%B1%D9%88%D8%AD for a list of verses in The Qur’an containing the Arabic word “ruhh” and it’s variant forms). The Qur’an says that when God created Adam, who represents all of modern humanity – for his name literally means “Man” or “Mankind” – God gave him life by breathing into him from His spirit (ruhh) (Qur’an, 32:9). Both Yoga and The Qur’an teach that the lifeforce, ruhh or prana, the spirit, enters the body via respiration, moves through the body, and exits the body at the throat via the exhalation (56:83-84; 75:26-29). Now, before I continue the topic of this paragraph, I must explain that in order to express my specific philosophies, I have had to develop my own system of terminology, and in that system, I define “spirit” distinctly as “lifeforce,” and I define “soul” as “a mind or consciousness that is combined or unified with a spirit; a mind-spirit complex.” Now The Qur’an teaches that when the body dies, such that “each leg lays motionless next to the other,” and the spirit reaches the throat and the soul is about to leave the body, the mind knows it’s bodily life is at an end, (75:26-29). This clarifies in The Qur’an that the spirit, or lifeforce, moves through the body.

“Then when she reaches the throat, and you all look around wandering” – The Qur’an 56:83-84; “Absolutely, when it reaches the throat. And he is told; is there any one to relieve it? And he will know it is indeed time to depart. And one leg lies motionless next to the other. To your Lord, on that day, will be the journey” – The Qur’an 75:26-30.

              The Qur’an, The Bhagavad Gita, and The Upanishads all say that God is directly present within the human heart, or the heart region of the human body (The Qur’an 8:24; The Bhagavad Gita 15:15; Isha Upanishad, verse 1). Thus the divine power of God is directly present within the heart. I believe this means not the literal, beating heart, but rather Anahata Chakra, the vortex of spirit that flows into the body at the heart region and concentrates there. I also believe The Qur’an allegorically refers to the Ajna Chakra, and that The Qur’an teaches that by worshiping God alone, we may open up the Anahata Chakra in a unique way that allows a unique meridian of spirit to flow from Anahata Chakra upwards into Ajna Chakra, opening Ajna Chakra in a unique way that induces what The Qur’an calls “Alyaqeen,” “The Certainty,” which is called “Enlightenment” in Yoga.

“O you who have faith, you shall respond to God and His messenger when He invites you towards the very thing that grants you life. Furthermore, you shall know that indeed God is closer to a man than his heart and that before Him you will be gathered” – The Qur’an 8:24; “I am seated in everyone’s heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. By all the Vedas am I to be known; indeed I am the compiler of Vedānta, and I am the knower of the Vedas” – The Bhagavad Gita 15:15; “The Lord is enshrined in the hearts of all. The Lord is the supreme Reality. Rejoice in him through renunciation. Covet nothing. All belongs to the Lord” – Isha Upanishad verse 1.

              The Qur’an mentions ‘Ayn Alyaqeen, “The Eye of Certainty.” It says that we shall worship God in order to attain Certainty (The Qur’an 15:99). Certainty is a sort-of mystical state of awareness that we gain by worshipping God alone. The Qur’an says that worshipping Him opens our hearts. The Arabic word “‘Ayn” meaning “eye” is etymologically related to the Sanskrit word “Ajna,” which also means “eye,” (“Ajna Chakra” literally means “Eye Wheel,” and refers to the spinning vortex of lifeforce that enters the body through the third-eye point as I explained above). ‘Ayn and Ajna are essentially the same word, and the same name for the same thing; the eye. This is evidence that the spiritual ‘Ayn Alyaqeen or “Eye of Certainty” and Ajna Chakra are one and the same thing; the mystical eye of our consciousnesses by which we have any kinds of mental perception or clarity, including Certainty or Enlightenment. There is additional evidence in the fact that Yoga considers Ajna Chakra to be the chakra that allows us to have any and all forms of mystical or mental perception and clarity, such as Enlightenment; Enlightenment is induced in Yoga by opening Ajna Chakra. ‘Ayn Alyaqeen is Ajna Chakra.

“Therefore, you shall glorify and praise your Lord and join those who prostrate. And worship your Lord until you attain certainty” – The Qur’an 15:98-99

              The fact that the spirit must travel through Anahata at the heart, where God is directly present, before it reaches Ajna Chakra, is clarified and supported by the fact that while both Yoga and The Qur’an say the spirit enters the body via the inhalation of air, which is through the nasal passages and the throat, The Qur’an clarifies as explained above that in the process of the bodily death, the spirit returns to the throat. That means that The Qur’an clarifies that the spirit rises upwards within the body from the heart region. The mind knows it’s bodily life is at it’s end when the spirit has reached the throat, and the spirit is about to enter the mouth and the rest of the head via the nasals during it’s final exhalation, (being exhaled through the nasals and/or the mouth). Now, even during an oral exhalation, (breathing out via the mouth), some of the breath still passes through the nasals, and thus, regardless of whether or not a dying being makes it’s last breath out through it’s mouth or nose, it’s spirit still reaches the nasals and the rest of the head, including Ajna Chakra, during the dying breath. Therefore, both Yoga, The Qur’an, and biology confirm that during the process of respiration, of either a living creature that is not about to die or of a creature breathing it’s last breath, the spirit passes through Anahata and the heart region and rises up into Ajna Chakra during the exhalation.

              All human beings, regardless of whether or not they worship God alone, or whether or not they worship anything at all, have spirit lifeforce that enters their bodies via their inhalations, and passes through their Anahata Chakras and heart regions to rise up into their Ajna Chakras during their exhalations. And God is directly present in all of their Anahata Chakras and heart regions. But the difference between those who worship God alone and those who do not, is that the parts of the Anahata Chakras in which God is directly present, are opened and unlocked within those who worship God alone. Thus a unique flow of God’s own divine power flows out from their Anahata Chakras and heart regions, and rises up into their Ajna Chakras, opening their ‘Ayn Alyaqeen or Ajna Chakras in a way that induces Certainty or Enlightenment.

              When this Godflow, this flow of the divine power of God, is unleashed within those who worship God alone, they gain access to it, and thus can tap into the ultimate source of internal power; this power does not run out, and has no limits. By this power we can achieve anything we need. We can even learn to live on this power of God that God expresses within us. For in 22:15, The Qur’an says:

“Whoever is thinking that The GOD will not help him in the world or the Hereafter, then let him extend a rope to the sky, then let him sever, then let him see whether this plan will remove what enrages him,” – translation based upon the word-by-word translation on http://corpus.quran.com/wordbyword.jsp?chapter=22&verse=15; Any one who thinks that God does not help him in this world as well as the Hereafter, he then should get help through a means to the sky and then completely sever all ties and then he will observe how his plan removes the very thing that has been bothering him,”  – ‘Ali Fazeli’s literal translation. 

              Basically it means, if you do not think GOD will not help you, in Heaven or Earth, if you tie yourself to Heaven, and cut off dependency on anything else, you will find that nothing else will bother you anymore. If you bind yourself to GOD alone, all your needs will be fulfilled. It just so happens that the Arabic word translated as “rope” in that verse is “bisabbabin,” which has an Arabic g.v. (gematrical value) of 66. The Arabic g.v. of “ALLAH,” “The GOD,” is also 66. This proves numerically that the “rope” represents a connection to GOD. At the same time, it just so happens that the Arabic word “ruhh,” meaning “spirit,” i.e. your lifeforce, has a g.v of 214, and 214 + 66 = 280, which equals 7 x 40. Since 7 and 19 are the two numbers upon which the mathematical structure and code of The Qur’an is based, the above numerical information proves that the “rope” is also synonymous with the ruhh, the lifeforce. The “rope” symbolizes both your dependency on GOD, and a connection to GOD via your ruhh. For as the ruhh is known to travel in disting flows throughout the body, it can travel in a “ropelike” channel. Since GOD is directly present within our heart chakras, and since, when we open our hearts via worshipping GOD alone, a direct channel flows from our hearts into our minds, opening ‘Ayn Alyaqeen and inducing Certainty, a ropelike channel of ruhh is established that ties our minds to GOD, between our minds and GOD’s presence in our hearts. When we attain this Godflow, as I said earlier, we gain access to the divine limitless power of GOD that is present within us, and become able to accomplish anything. That power of GOD within us can fulfill all our needs. Through worshipping GOD alone, we come to depend entirely upon GOD alone, tying ourselves to “Heaven” and “cutting” all dependencies on anything else.


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