Gemmatrical Values


In the name of The GOD, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

In the scientific study of the mathematical structure of The Qur’an, many of the equations use the g.v.s (“gemmatrical values”) of Arabic letters, words, sentences, and verses that occur in The Qur’an or relate to things that occur in The Qur’an. The g.v. of a verse is the sum of the g.v.s of every phrase or sentence, word and letter, within that verse. In Arabic, every single letter has it’s own g.v. To get the total g.v. of a word, one must add the g.v.s of the letters used to write the word. For example, the g.v. of the Arabic word “Allah,” “The GOD,” is 66; in Arabic it is written with the letters Alef-Lam-Lam-Ha (soft “h”), corresponding to the g.v.s 1, 30, 30, 5. 1 + 30 + 30 + 5 = 66, just as Alef (g.v. 1) plus Lam (g.v. 30) plus Lam (g.v. 30 again) plus Ha, (soft “h,” g.v. 5) equals A-L-L-(A)-H, ALLAH. Similarly, the total g.v. of the Arabic Bismillah, (the phrase “Bismillah-Irrahhman-Irrahheem,” “In the name of The GOD, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful”), is 786.

The reason why each Arabic letter has a corresponding numeric g.v. is because in ancient times, before the modern numeral system was developed, the Arabs used the letters of their alphabet alternately as numbers. That allowed them to write down and record numbers, and perform complex mathematics far more easily than the cumbersome Roman numeral system had allowed the Romans.This system is referred to as either “Abjad,” referring to the letters A-B-J-D or Alef-BA-JHEEM-DAL in Arabic alphabetical order, or as “Gemmatria,” (hence the term “gemmatrical value”).

The Recitation, (“AlQur’an”), has a mathematical structure, a code, based upon the g.v.s of it’s text. It has been found that the numerical structure of The Recitation, is based upon the numbers 1, 7, and 9, or more specifically, 7 and 19. This is for several reasons:

  1. These numbers and digits have unique properties.
  2. 7 is essentially a mathematical signature of GOD, in the sense that GOD created 7 universes as HIS dominion.
  3. 19 is a mathematical signature of GOD because in the modern numeral system, which was originally developed by Muslims in ancient times, the first whole number above zero is 1, and the last digit above zero is 9 (all numbers above 9 are written using the same 1-9 digits, plus zeros). 1 and 9 in that sense mathematically signify GOD as being The First (1) and The Last (9), or The Alpha (Greek letter equivalent to Alef, g.v. 1) and the Omega, (the last letter of the Greek Alphabet).



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