Capitalism is Unlawful

I seek refuge in The GOD against the rejected devil.

In the name of The GOD, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

My Lord I seek refuge in You against the whispers of the devils, and I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me.

Note: in case you have not read my previous articles, I translate “ALLAH” and “AlQur’an” directly into English as “The GOD” and “The Recitation,” since these are the literal meanings.

Capitalism is unlawful. It defies The GOD’s sacred laws as they are detailed in The Scriptures. The main idea of capitalism is to both allow and encourage people to make as much money as they can, which involves spending the least amount of money possible, and giving charity only when it could somehow benefit them financially, such as by earning them good publicity. But The Recitation states that when the people ask you what they shall give as charity, you shall tell them, “forgiveness” or that you shall tell them, “the excess” (2:219; in the Arabic of that verse, the word “al’afwa” is used, which can mean either “forgiveness” or “excess” or “surplus”).  By “forgiveness, ” what is meant is the forgiveness of debts; if people owe you money, you shall forgive their debt to you as a charity. And as we are required to give charity on the “day of harvest,” as in on payday, after we pay for all our needs and our family’s needs, if there is any unneeded money remaining, we must give that excess away as charity. Well, if we are required to give away all our excess every payday as charity, that means that we don’t make any profit, because the excess is the profit, and we’ re giving all of it away to those who actually need it. Since the point of capitalism is to both allow and encourage people to make the highest profits, it therefore contradicts The GOD’s teachings.


In a capitalist society, such as America, there is no possibility of financial equality. In order to make money, you have to gain money from someone else, either by working or selling things or something else. That is why in order for one person to get rich, at least one other person must get poor. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, no matter how much they work. But if the people would donate all of their excess money and provisions to those that need them, as explained earlier, then the inequality would be nullified.


Capitalism produces vast amounts of waste. In a capitalist society, rather than resources and provisions being evenly distributed, they go to whoever can afford them. As a result, the richer people get more of them. But as a result of the richer people getting more, the rich end up with more than they need, and they throw away their excess instead of giving it to those who need it. Waste pollutes the environment, and disturbs The Balance. The Recitation, 55:7-9 says, “And He raised the heaven and established The Balance. Do not disturb The Balance. You shall establish justice; do not violate The Balance.” This means The Balance of nature. Therefore, wastefulness defies GOD’s laws. Capitalism also leads to industrial pollution. Companies find it costs them more money to take greater environmental precautions. If their facilities have an accident that endangers the lives of workers, or pollutes the environment, it’s cheaper for them to pay off the workers’ families, and bribe various kinds of officials to get off the hook.


“Under a capitalist system, the profit motive is far greater than altruism. If people are worried about what’s in their own pocket, they will avoid helping their fellow human beings because they’re concentrating on looking after themselves. People feel the need to put themselves first because they think no-one will be there to help them if they lose all their money” – This is stinginess, which is forbidden in The Recitation (57;22-24; 64:14-16; 92:8-11).


Capitalism has lead people to go to war over resources, and for profit. This defies the rules of war that are clarified in The Recitation. Aggression and killing are prohibited, except in self-defense or in the course of justice (2:190-194; 6:151-152; 17:31-33). Profit does not fit either of those criteria. Profit is not self-defense, and it does not equate to moral justice of any kind. Therefore, if you commit aggression or killing in order to gain profit and/or resources, you are engaging in unlawful violence. It also does not matter whether or not you personally are going out and attacking and killing people; even by funding a war, you are causing aggression and killing. Therefore it is unlawful to fund any war for the sake of profit and/or resources.

Anyways, here is a link to one of my YouTube videos about poverty. On the video, there should be an “I” icon on the upper right corner that should give you a link to my charity fund I am trying to get started: If you hover the mouse cursor over the upper right corner of the video, you should be able to see the icon. You can click it to get the link for my charity fund.




  1. lambdamoses

    But communism is no better if not worse. Just see the oppression created by communist parties around the world.

    • Communism is not the only alternative to capitalism.

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