The Economy and Currency of Reality

When you think of money, what do you think of? What do you imagine? What about the words “economy” and “currency”? What do these words bring to mind? I bet it’s physical, material or digital money; dollar signs and decimals, and numbers. What about when you hear words like “cost” and “expense”? I bet it’s the same. When people think of these things, they think of material or digital money. They view the economy as specifically the flow and balance of material or digital money and wealth among and throughout societies and communities. They view currency as being the form of such money used in a particular region or country; Americans use dollars, and Mexicans use pesos, for example. Cost and expense and spending, are directly associated with how much material or digital money must be traded in return for something, and with the act of making such trades. But what if there’s something more to all of this, that the common people are overlooking? People talk about the advent of a universal currency, but this still refers to material or digital money. But what if there already is a universal currency and resource, used and spent on things and traded on things, that the common people have overlooked, and that the governments need to pay more attention to? There is. It is something known to all people, and is considered very sacred to many people, and has been sitting right under our noses since the dawn of our time. It is something people have overlooked as a form of true currency. It is universal, and eternal. It cannot be created or destroyed. It is the perfect currency, and the perfect, inexhaustible resource. It is, ENERGY.

Energy is literally the universal currency. It exists all throughout every single universe. Without energy, life cannot occur. Energy is what makes bodies live. A corpse is an energetically bankrupt body. A sick and unyouthful body is a body poor in energy, while a rich and wealthy body is rich and wealthy in energy, and is healthy. Health is wealth. For every dollar amount you spend, you also spend your own energy. Everything you spend material or digital money on, you also spend energy on. But there are many things you spend energy on, that you cannot spend money on, and in those cases, money is worthless unless that money is the energy itself, rather than numbers or pieces of paper. When you buy something, if it costs less in material or digital money, but more in energy, you are wasting both money AND energy. Since energy can be spent on infinitely more things than what can be bought with material or digital money – for example, it is ENERGY that was used to create our entire universe – and since the expense of energy impacts our health and lifespan, and therefore whether or not we will have shorter or longer time in this world to even be able to enjoy the things that material or digital money can be spent on, energy is a far more valuable currency. So to spend less material or digital money, but to spend more energy, in order to get something, is a waste of both of currencies. As an example, though companies may find it cheaper to pollute the environment, because it costs less material or digital money, it does cost more energy. This is because it damages the environment that we all depend on as the very source of our biological energy. By damaging the environment, we damage the health of our bodies. When the health is damaged, energy in the body is spent on healing, and the body’s ability to generate energy is also impaired. Damage to the environment adversely affects the energy economy of all people.

Those of us who wish to spent our energy within our bodies more wisely, by living healthy, know that to make ourselves more energy efficient, we must eat foods and consume drinks and other types of products that do not use up too much of our bodily energy. When we eat organic raw fruits, for example, the amount of energy those foods give us after we digest them, is actually MORE than the amounts of energy spent on digesting them, which means there is a net income of energy made. But in this monetary system that society has, we are also required to spend material or digital money on those things as well. A common issue that we run into, is that the foods which cost our bodies too much energy, are cheaper in the cost of material or digital money. The healthier, more energy efficient food and products are sold at exorbitant prices. As a result, the wealthy get healthier, and the poor get sicklier (thanks to capitalism, of course). But what the wealthy don’t realize is that, as their wealth depends on what the common people are willing to spend their resources on, eventually, those that spend their money on the less healthy decisions….from pollution of the environment to pollution of their bodies…will die off. Sooner or later, they will be no more, and the only people left will be those who wish to spend their energy more wisely, having more respect for their bodies and the environment. Then there will be no one to buy many of the products and services that today make rich the rich.

Energy is the true universal currency. It is an immortal, eternal, inexhaustible, perfect resource. Everything in reality costs energy. We need energy to survive, for without it, we are dead. Material and digital money are nothing more than numbers, or pieces of paper or chunks of impure metal, to those that are dead and no longer living. To a person who has gone bankrupt of energy, and is dead, material and digital money are utterly worthless. If a society existed, that completely abolished the use of material and/or digital money as a currency, and relied on energy as a currency, everyone could work for everyone else. Your own energy would pay for everything. A self-enforcing and self-reinforcing system would result, wherein all people would become wealthy in energy and health. There would be no place in such a society for things that waste energy, such as pollution of the environment, or war. People would come to realize that life-giving endeavors, such as friendship and peace, earn and generate far more energy for everyone than war and destruction. Such a society could purify the world and all the people in it, and make all humanity wealthy without any need for material or digital money.






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