The Marks of Cain and of The Beast

I seek refuge in The GOD against The Adversary rejected. In the name of The GOD, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful. My LORD I seek refuge in YOU from the whispers of the adversaries, and I seek refuge in YOU, my LORD, lest they come near me.

Note: In the above prayer, I am translating “Ash-Shayttan” and “shayatteen” as “The Adversary” and “adversaries” rather than their most common translations “Satan” and “devils.” I just thought I should explain that before I continue.

The Mark of The Beast is not, as far as it seems to me, 666. It is 616. It is also none other than the Mark of Cain. The Bible is translated from manuscripts, which are ancient copies of the Scriptures. For some reason, there are several ancient manuscripts in Greek and Latin that either spell out the words “Six-hundred sixty-six” or “Six-hundred sixteen” in Greek or Latin, while others use the Greek alphabet numerals (Greek gematria). The OLDEST manuscript known so far, titled Papyrus 115, uses the Greek alphabet numerals “XIC,” “Khi Iota Sigma.” Their Greek numeric values are 600, 10 and 6, and therefore they stand for 616. This is in Revelations 13:18, in the oldest known written Greek text of Revelation 13:18.

These letters were handed down from ancient Phoenician and Proto-Sinaitic pictographic writing. In pictographic writing, each letter is both a symbol for a sound, and, a symbol of an object or a concept. Although in Greek, X stood for the sound “Khi,” it stood for “Tav” in ancient Phoenician, (I’m not sure why it’s sound was changed in Greek, but the symbol was handed down). As a Phoenician pictographic letter, it also stood for a mark. Things were marked with crosses. The Greek letter Iota, had a more complex form in ancient Phoenician, but stood for an arm or hand. The C stood for the “L” sound, and was a goad or crook, tools which were used by shepherds to herd and control their beasts, their animals. Some may argue that because these letters come from Phoenician and Proto-Sinaitic, and because they look like their original Phoenician forms, they must therefore be ancient Phoenician preserved in a Greek text. I must point out they hardly look like Phoenician. The X is the only one of the symbols that is perfectly preserved from the old Phoenician by the Greek language, but it has a completely different sound. In the actual photographs of the XIC in Papyrus 115, you can see that the C looks kind of like a Phoenician letter L turned 45 degrees clockwise, but, that doesn’t mean that it’s a Phoenician L. It is a Greek sigma. XIC = 616.

Another manuscript, Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus, known before anyone found Papyrus 115 but dating to after it, also has the number as 616, but instead of writing it in Greek numerals, it fully spells it out in Greek ἑξακόσιοι δέκα ἕξ, “hexakosioi deka hex” (“six-hundred, sixty-six).

In all of those ancient languages, as I have explained before on this blog, there was an ancient numerological system used from the Mediterranean all the way throughout the Middle East and into Egypt by the Greeks, Phoenicians, Sumerians, Assyrians, the Hebrews, Hyksos, the Arabs, the Egyptians, and others, wherein their alphabet letters doubled as numbers. This was a universal system, and is known as “gematria.” According to this ancient system, the letters XIC stand for 600, 10, and 6, the sum of which is 616. The reason why people believe that 666 is the Mark of The Beast, is because later manuscripts of the Book of Revelation have the Greek letters as χξϛ, (“Chi” “Xi” “Sigma”). It is uncertain why this is the case, but either way, the oldest manuscripts have it as XIC or hexakosioi deka hex, 616.

The main purpose of this article is to prove to the many judgmental religious folks out there, who have been calling people “satanic” for bearing the number 666, that 666 was never the real Mark of The Beast. There is no strong evidence that 666 is a satanic number. In fact, regardless of whether or not the Mark of The Beast is 666 OR 616, either way, neither of those numbers is satanic. The Mark of The Beast AND The Mark of Cain are not satanic.

Here is a clear translation of Revelation 13:18, based on Papyrus 115:
“Here the wisdom is in the one having understanding. Let him count the number of the beast, indeed it is a man’s number, and the number is 616.”

The number of the beast is a MAN’s number. XIC, as pictographs, as I previously explained, are a mark, an arm or hand, and a shepherd’s crook or goad. Shepherds used crooks and goads to herd and direct their beasts. Cain’s brother Abel was a shepherd, and when Cain killed Abel, he incurred his mark on his arm or hand, of his brother’s crook. So when it says the number of the BEAST – a creature a shepherd would herd and direct with a crook or goad (a C) – is indeed a MAN’s number, and when you realize that the use of the word “number” in this verse is synonymous with “mark” (especially since the X is both a pictograph meaning a mark, AND a number), it becomes obvious to anyone who understands or possesses wisdom or knowledge, that the man mentioned is Cain. Therefore, as “number” is synonymous with “mark” in this verse, and the “man” is Cain, “a man’s number” obviously translates to “Cain’s Mark.” But if you study the Scriptures carefully, you will realize that Cain was not a satanic man. He committed his sin, murdering his brother, but was fearful afterwards; when GOD confronted Cain and cursed him, GOD cursed him with being unable to grow good food from the ground, and banished him from Eden. But nowhere does it say GOD condemned Cain to Hell. He was banished from Eden just as Adam and Eve were. Were Adam and Eve satanic? No. GOD understood that in their ignorance, they had made a mistake. When GOD confronted Cain, and Cain expressed his fear to GOD that people will kill him, THAT is when GOD puts a mark on Cain as a warning to anyone who tries to kill Cain, and GOD explains that if anyone kills Cain, they will suffer VENGEANCE seven-fold. If GOD was truly angry with Cain, why would GOD want to avenge the killing of Cain? If anyone argues that it is because GOD wanted to keep Cain alive to prolong Cain’s suffering, it is apparent in the verses that describe Cain getting married, building a city and having offspring, that Cain did not continuously suffer. He simply lived out his fair sentence for his crime. The story of Cain and Abel is described in The Torah in Genesis 4.

Now, I understand that most Christians do not give AlQur’an any credence, but I think it is important for them to note that in AlQur’an, where it discusses the story of Cain killing Abel, it explains that afterwards, GOD sent down a raven to scratch the Earth and teach Cain how to bury his brother. It also explains that when this happened, Cain felt remorseful, and lamented that he had failed to be as intelligent as the raven, and know how to bury his brother. He had felt remorseful for having murdered his brother. In light of both The Torah AND AlQur’an, it is clear that Cain did not feel good about the crime he had committed. We have to realize that in the story of Adam and Eve and their sons, GOD allowed them to make their mistakes – Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, and Cain murdering his brother – so that from their consequences they would learn valuable moral lessons. They HAD to commit their crimes in order to learn morality and to experience guilt, shame, humility and repentance.

“And recite to them the story of two sons of Adam. In truth, when both offered a sacrifice, and it was accepted from one of them, and was not accepted from the other, the latter said ‘Surely I will kill you.’ The former said ‘The GOD only accepts from the GOD-fearing. If you stretch towards me your hand to kill me, I will not stretch my hand towards you to kill you. Indeed I fear The GOD, Lord of the worlds. Indeed, I wish that you be laden with my sin and your sin so you will be among companions of The Fire, and that is the recompense of the wrongdoers.’ Then his soul prompted him to kill his brother, so he killed him and became one of the losers. Then sent by The GOD was a raven, scratching in the Earth to show him how to cover the dead body of his brother. He said ‘Woe to me! Am I unable to be like this raven and cover the dead body of my brother?’ Then he became one of the remorseful” – AlQur’an 5:27-31

Even if you don’t consider the details provided by AlQur’an regarding the moral character of Cain, and you only go by The Torah, there is still no direct indication that Cain was satanic. There is no direct indication that GOD condemned Cain to Hell. He was simply cursed with bad farming, and banished from Eden. Therefore there is no reason to think that the Mark of Cain is satanic. Since I have proven that the Mark of The Beast is none other than the Mark of Cain, and since there is no reason to think that the Mark of Cain is satanic, there is no reason to think that the Mark of The Beast is satanic. On top of that, 666 is NOT the Mark of The Beast or of Cain. The religious folks who judge so many people for bearing or using the number 666 as being satanic, are confused, ignorant, and misled, and need to stop judging people for it.

One example of religious folks judging people like this, is when Christians bash Monster Energy for being satanic just because the Monster symbol looks like 666 in Hebrew letters. They point out in addition to this, that the “O” in “Monster” on all their products, contains a cross, so that when the cans or bottles are tipped as people drink from them, the crosses are turned upside-down. I don’t disagree with them that the symbolism is intentionally there; a monster is a BEAST, and the Monster M does very closely resemble the Hebrew letters that make the 666, and it sort-of does look like the “O” contains a cross. But that does not at all mean that we have a satanic energy drink company on our hands. I’ve already proven that 666 is not even the real Mark of The Beast, and even if it was, I’ve already explained why the Mark is not even satanic. It was simply a warning mark put on Cain. If anything, it’s more like a symbol of protection against murder, since GOD put it on Cain to prevent anyone from killing Cain. In that sense, it’s more likely a very good and positive symbol, and definitely not satanic. Either way, even if Monster intentionally put a 666 design into their logo, it would only be because they are subscribing to the common delusion of ignorant religious people that 666 is the Mark of The Monster (Mark of The Beast). Being that it is a delusion based upon people’s lack of knowledge regarding the real number, which is 616, even if the number was satanic, there is no way putting 666 on their products could make them satanic, because they’re not using the right number in the first place.

I want to specify, by the way, that I don’t think all religious folks are ignorant. I myself am a religious man. I believe in everything I write on my blog here. I am simply aware of the fact that a lot of people who happen to be religious, also happen to be very ignorant. This is due to the type of religious people they are; the narrow-minded judgmental sort. They really need to reconsider their ways of thinking, and to study things more open-mindedly. If this lady would study carefully enough with an open-mind, she’d be more intelligent, much like the younger girl in the other video here. Instead this lady is making the same mistake that Monster might be making – confusing the number 666 as being a satanic number when it is not! And confusing it with the Mark of The Beast, which it is not! 666 is neither satanic, nor is it the number of the beast.



  1. lora k

    why is there no letter j in greek hebrew or latin or even aramaic…the jesus christ that came from greek was known as Ιησούς Χριστός this is from google translate itself…616 from papyrus 115 is XIC and XIC can be directly found in Χριστός.. jesus christ is also known as the morning star and so is lucifer both have connections to the planet venus..for easter sunday worship spring solstice worship…. this star is also known as the goddesses astarte ostara, eostre, aphrodite, ishtar, and many other names including that of nimrods wife semiramis..if you go directly into the paganology of names and will find that the word church is known as witch in other countries just google circe and kirke and it means witch…the first one to recognise christianity was constantine and on his terms he states Dies Natalis Solis Invicti birth of the unconquerable sun…you should see what wikipedia has on sol invictus …very very pagan the cult of mithra or the cult of sol…the truth is the false religion is christianity itself it may not have been in the beginning but it certainly is now your so called jesus fish is a yoni symbol..your praying hands and catholic hands signs are yoga hand mudras which also the illuminati use too to worship pagan indian gods..just look praying hand mudras…and you should be very concerned at young kids doing the devil horns or i love you sign language it really is a karana mudra

    • I’m not a Christian, and I don’t believe in the Illuminati. Also, there is no strong evidence of the connections you’re making between several things. Additionally, Wikipedia is not a good source of information as it can be edited at anytime by anyone. You always have to check their sources for every article, and sometimes, their source-links don’t work.

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