Heaven and Hell, Research Update

I seek refuge in The GOD against the adversary, the rejected. In the name of The GOD The Most Gracious The Most Merciful. My Lord I seek refuge in You against the whispers or the adversaries, and I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me.


I am beginning to think there is no reason to assume that The Recitation implies that Hell is some eternal, unearthly abode. According to my research so far, there are several details that would clarify Hell is a physical location on Earth:

  1. The Qur’an calls “Hell” “Jahannam,” which is an Arabic word that descends from the Hebrew or Aramaic phrase “Ha-Gehinnom,” meaning “Valley of the Sons of Hinnom.” This is a literal, historic valley located near ancient Jerusalem. It has been cursed since ancient times, because the pagan idol worshipers used to sacrifice their children to their idols by burning their children in sacrificial fires.
  2. The Qur’an mentions Annar, or AlJahheem. “Annar” means “The Fire,” and “AlJahheem” means “The Fierce/Blazing Fire.” This is the fire located in Jahannam. It is obviously synonymous with the sacrificial fires the pagans used in that valley to sacrifice their children. The idea is that since they burned their children in those fires, GOD will burn them in those fires, as a just retribution.
  3. The Qur’an mentions the Zaqqum tree. It describes it in 37:62-68 as a tree located at the bottom or root of AlJahhem, with spathes shaped like the heads of the “devils,” (the adversaries). It also describes that when the sinners in Jahannam consume these spathes from the Zaqqum tree, it will be like they have boiling water in their stomachs. It also says that they will return to AlJahheem after they eat the Zaqqum spathes. There is a type of tree called “Euphoribia” which matches this description. This is a type of Euphoribian spathe or cyathium:

E. peplus

4. It looks like a devil’s head to me. It looks like it has horns and a long snout.

5. The fruits of these trees can also be thorny, depending on the variety.

6. Variations of this tree have been known to grow in the area of ancient Jerusalem, as well as Africa, Arabia, India, and other areas. Thus, if they are “returning” to the fire after eating this plant, it could be because they have to travel to get this tree for food.

7. It mentions in The Qur’an that in Jahannam, whenever their skins are burnt off, their skins are replaced and burnt off again. That could easily be an allegory for the fact that when the fruit of Euphoribus is harvested, because of it’s naturally occuring latex, and other properties of the plant, the plant can cause severe burns and boils on the skin. And as The Qur’an says that when they eat it, they experience the sensation of boiling water in their bellies, similarly, due to the toxins and carcinogens in this plant, if eaten, it will induce burning sensations in the body.

8. The word for “Eden” in The Qur’an is “Jannah,” which means “Gardens.” According to The Torah, the rivers Tigris, Gihon, Pishon and Euphrates all split from a river that flowed from Eden to water it’s gardens. These rivers, two of which are dried up, actually source from (flow down from) the Tarsus Mountains in Turkey. Thus, Eden is a physical place located in the Tarsus Mountains, and it’s gardens sprawled out therefrom, throughout the ancient Fertile Crescent. Jannah was and is, a physical place. Note how The Qur’an says the righteous shall inherit the Earth, when they are resurrected. Jannah is on Earth.

9. Remember, that The Qur’an states that the disbelievers shall abide in Hell “for as long as the heavens and the Earth endure,” and that it also says this about those who go to Heaven. This means, that either the Earth will become eternal somehow, or, Heaven and Hell are not eternal.

Anyways, this is all I think I need to include in this update. I’m working on this, as I previously said, because I was asked about whether or not Heaven and Hell are eternal or temporary. As soon as I can, inshallah, I will add in all the references I need, and citations. I will also continue doing further research on this subject, inshallah.





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