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This is a link to my affiliate store. In accordance to the spiritual principles I preach here on my blog, I intend to do what I can to encourage the people to buy foods and other products that do not transgress or violate Almizan (“The Balance” of nature), and that can aid in spiritual and intellectual growth and development. So please, follow the link and take a look at my store 🙂



Today’s society is very fast paced. Many people are too fast paced. Many people are over-driven and pushed, in their daily lives. As a result, many people have resorted to the consumption of various types of energy-boosting products to be able to keep going. Thus, many people have become addicted to these unnatural energy sources, that are heavily detrimental to the balance of nature, both beyond their bodies and within their bodies. It would be nice if we could immediately completely purge society of it’s addiction to the need for energy boosts, but unfortunately, the best we can do is ween society off of it by providing healthy alternatives as stepping stones in the direction of purification. This is why I want to sell all-natural energy drinks on my store.



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