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Athanasia Brytos

I seek refuge in The GOD against the adversary, the rejected. In the name of The GOD The Most Gracious The Most Merciful. My Lord I seek refuge in You against the whispers or the adversaries, and I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me.

I am researching immortality and longevity both spiritually and scientifically. I believe that it is possible, that The Scriptures may contain clues that there are foods and methods by which we may attain the immortality of our bodies. I’m not assuming this is definitely true, but I consider it worth my research time.

The reason, scientifically speaking, why we age and die, is because when our cells divide, their telomeres shorten. Telomeres are the caps at the ends of strands of DNA that protect the chromosomes. The shorter they get, the less protection they provide, and the more the chromosomes become damaged, resulting in aging and, eventually, death. If the telomeres can be lengthened, or if their shortening can be prevented, it is theoretically possible to abolish the aging and death of the body. There are foods that may be capable of this. What I wonder, is whether or not the fruit of the Tree of Life that is mentioned in The Torah, may be such a type of food.

The Torah mentions that after Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, and GOD banished them from Eden, GOD placed guards around the Tree of Life, to prevent them from becoming immortal.

“The LORD God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground–trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” – Genesis 2:9.

 “So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life” – Genesis 3:24.

I’ve already determined, with earlier research, that the Tree of Knowledge is a literal tree – specifically, a fig tree. I’ll briefly explain this: The Torah explains, if you read it carefully, that Adam and Eve became shameful of their nakedness after they ate from the Tree of Knowledge, and covered themselves in fig leaves. Prior to eating from it, they were not ashamed of their nakedness. It just so happens, that figs are aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are foods, or natural chemicals contained in foods, that induce sexual arousal, i.e. “horniness.” It is clear that what happened, was when Adam and Eve ate the aphrodisiac figs, they got horny and had sex. That’s the reason why they felt ashamed of their nakedness only after they ate from it, or rather, why Adam specifically felt ashamed of it; because after having sex, the penis remains erect for a while, and if you’re naked and GOD comes around when you’ve just had sex, you’re likely going to feel ashamed and cover yourself to hide your erection. Much of that is speculation I must admit, but what we do know for sure are: it is clearly implied that the Tree of Knowledge is a fig tree, its forbidden fruit is the fig, and figs are aphrodisiacs (which may explain why they were forbidden). It can be reasoned, to a point, that the reason why this aphrodisiac tree is called the Tree of Knowledge, or in full, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad, is because it is through sexual awareness that we start to become morally conscious. Either way, we know that the Tree of Knowledge was a literal tree, and not just a metaphor.

If the Tree of Knowledge was a literal tree that induces knowledge, then it seems logical to assume that the Tree of Life was also a literal tree that induces life or immortality. There is a lot of speculation regarding the exact identity of what the Tree of Life is, i.e. what type of tree it is. Inshallah, I’ll carefully research this myself, and inshallah, I may determine a precise and accurate answer to that question. If I can do so, then I might be able to use the Tree of Life to concoct profoundly life-enhancing medicines.

Personally, I’ve been producing my own homemade fermented medicinal beverages that contain natural ingredients that may have anti-aging properties, including such things as onions, apples and ginger root. I will experiment with the health-effects of the medicines I concoct, inshallah.

Heaven and Hell, Research Update

I seek refuge in The GOD against the adversary, the rejected. In the name of The GOD The Most Gracious The Most Merciful. My Lord I seek refuge in You against the whispers or the adversaries, and I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me.


I am beginning to think there is no reason to assume that The Recitation implies that Hell is some eternal, unearthly abode. According to my research so far, there are several details that would clarify Hell is a physical location on Earth:

  1. The Qur’an calls “Hell” “Jahannam,” which is an Arabic word that descends from the Hebrew or Aramaic phrase “Ha-Gehinnom,” meaning “Valley of the Sons of Hinnom.” This is a literal, historic valley located near ancient Jerusalem. It has been cursed since ancient times, because the pagan idol worshipers used to sacrifice their children to their idols by burning their children in sacrificial fires.
  2. The Qur’an mentions Annar, or AlJahheem. “Annar” means “The Fire,” and “AlJahheem” means “The Fierce/Blazing Fire.” This is the fire located in Jahannam. It is obviously synonymous with the sacrificial fires the pagans used in that valley to sacrifice their children. The idea is that since they burned their children in those fires, GOD will burn them in those fires, as a just retribution.
  3. The Qur’an mentions the Zaqqum tree. It describes it in 37:62-68 as a tree located at the bottom or root of AlJahhem, with spathes shaped like the heads of the “devils,” (the adversaries). It also describes that when the sinners in Jahannam consume these spathes from the Zaqqum tree, it will be like they have boiling water in their stomachs. It also says that they will return to AlJahheem after they eat the Zaqqum spathes. There is a type of tree called “Euphoribia” which matches this description. This is a type of Euphoribian spathe or cyathium:

E. peplus

4. It looks like a devil’s head to me. It looks like it has horns and a long snout.

5. The fruits of these trees can also be thorny, depending on the variety.

6. Variations of this tree have been known to grow in the area of ancient Jerusalem, as well as Africa, Arabia, India, and other areas. Thus, if they are “returning” to the fire after eating this plant, it could be because they have to travel to get this tree for food.

7. It mentions in The Qur’an that in Jahannam, whenever their skins are burnt off, their skins are replaced and burnt off again. That could easily be an allegory for the fact that when the fruit of Euphoribus is harvested, because of it’s naturally occuring latex, and other properties of the plant, the plant can cause severe burns and boils on the skin. And as The Qur’an says that when they eat it, they experience the sensation of boiling water in their bellies, similarly, due to the toxins and carcinogens in this plant, if eaten, it will induce burning sensations in the body.

8. The word for “Eden” in The Qur’an is “Jannah,” which means “Gardens.” According to The Torah, the rivers Tigris, Gihon, Pishon and Euphrates all split from a river that flowed from Eden to water it’s gardens. These rivers, two of which are dried up, actually source from (flow down from) the Tarsus Mountains in Turkey. Thus, Eden is a physical place located in the Tarsus Mountains, and it’s gardens sprawled out therefrom, throughout the ancient Fertile Crescent. Jannah was and is, a physical place. Note how The Qur’an says the righteous shall inherit the Earth, when they are resurrected. Jannah is on Earth.

9. Remember, that The Qur’an states that the disbelievers shall abide in Hell “for as long as the heavens and the Earth endure,” and that it also says this about those who go to Heaven. This means, that either the Earth will become eternal somehow, or, Heaven and Hell are not eternal.

Anyways, this is all I think I need to include in this update. I’m working on this, as I previously said, because I was asked about whether or not Heaven and Hell are eternal or temporary. As soon as I can, inshallah, I will add in all the references I need, and citations. I will also continue doing further research on this subject, inshallah.




The Names of Hell

I seek refuge in The GOD against the adversary, the rejected. In the name of The GOD, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful. My Lord I seek refuge in You, against the whispers of the devils, and I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me.

Since I am currently working on writing an article about whether or not Heaven and Hell are eternal or temporary, I have decided to study the names of Hell in The Old Testament, The New Testament, and The Recitation (AlQur’an). I need to collect a list of all the names, and distinguish between Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and Arabic words that may or may not have been inaccurately mistaken as referring to Hell specifically, (for example in the Bible, there is a difference between Hell itself, and the river of fire that flows in and out of Hell).

This is just another update on my research progress for the article I am working on. One thing I might bring up, while I’m at it, is that AlQur’an says it confirms and supercedes At-Taurat (The Torah) and Al-Injeel (The Gospel), but to my knowledge, it does not mention the other sections of The Torah, which are the Nevim and Khetuvim. For those who do not know, The Torah is specifically the Five Books of Moses. The Nevim and Khetuvim include the rest of the books in the Old Testament. Nevim is specifically Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, and the Twelve Minor Prophets (Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi).The Khetuvim consists of the Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, Ezrah-Nehemiah, and Chronicles. Now, just because The Recitation only specifically mentions The Torah, to my knowledge so far, that does not mean these books are false or unconfirmed. But inshallah, I’ll write more about that later.

Heaven and Hell

I seek refuge in The GOD against the adversary, the rejected. In the name of The GOD The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. My Lord I seek refuge in YOU against the whispers of the adversaries, and I seek refuge in YOU, my LORD, lest they come near me.

I have been asked to research whether or not Heaven and Hell are eternal or temporary. This is a heads-up post, to tell anyone who reads my blog that the next post I GOD-willing will publish, will attempt to answer the question about whether or not Heaven and/or Hell is eternal or temporary. I will go over what the Scriptures teach regarding what Heaven and Hell are – whether or not they are places, entities, states of being, literal, or allegorical, et cetera – as well as non-Scripture perspectives.

How to Pray

New Culture: Bani Adam

I am a man of such a mixed culture, both genetically, traditionally, and spiritually. Genetically I am from ancestors who came from all over the world. When people try to decide what kinds of traditions they should incorporate into their lives, they try to refer to the traditions of their genetic ancestors. For people who have only one ethnic background, or very few ethnic backgrounds, this is easy. But for people as deeply mixed as I am, it is very hard, because while many of our ethnic backgrounds had many cultural norms in common, they also conflict in many ways. For example, what if you are questioning your religious beliefs, and you are considering learning the religions of your ancestors? If you are mixed, you may find that many of your ancestors had beliefs that wholly contradict the beliefs of many of your other ancestors…and you must then ask yourself which beliefs you should choose. Of course, this is the point at which some people come to realize that your religious beliefs should not depend upon the beliefs of your ancestors. All the same, there is a logical argument for why we should learn from our ancestors:



  • Wisdom helps us live better lives.
  • Wisdom is gained over time, via trial and error.
  • The most important wisdom is the wisdom preserved over the generations.
  • Every generation gains more wisdom to add to what wisdom was passed down to them from those before them.
  • Over many generations, massive amounts of the best wisdom are gathered and collected and preserved.
  • Our ancestors in general developed their traditions and customs and beliefs over hundreds of thousands of years, based upon the wisdom collected and gained and preserved over time. Their ways of life were based off of that wisdom.


Conclusion: If we live as much as possible the ways our ancestors did, we can benefit as much as possible from all the wisdom they lived on. That wisdom can make it easier for us to figure out for ourselves how we should live given the conditions of the modern times we live in – we can gain and adapt more wisdom in our own generation to add to the ancestral wisdom.


This is a fairly good argument. However, the fact that every generation in the past still needed to gain wisdom, shows that it isn’t necessarily so that their ancient ideas and beliefs and ways of living were wise. Often, ancient ideas that today appear very unwise, took several generations for people to finally move past them, such as the religious fear of witches in the 19th Century in the United States (the Salem Witch Trials, for example). It seems to me that, just as with religious beliefs, we should incorporate traditions into our lives that make logical and practical sense to us, and not follow them just because our ethnic genetic ancestors practiced them. This brings us to the threshold of what I intend to discuss here: a new culture.


I understand that whatever culture I live by, will inevitably be passed on to my future children. I want to personally do my best to make sure that they inherit a good culture for them to live by, not one that they’ll HAVE to live by, but one they’ll have the option to live by, that will make life easier for them. Among other things, it will involve a language, a religion, a homeland, and worldly traditions. Let’s discuss the language, and the name of my culture now.


I’ve chosen the Arabic language, since I am a Muslim, and our Scripture and our religious practices are in Arabic. So I intend that Arabic will be my children’s first language. With Arabic being the first language, I’ve chosen to call my culture “Bani Adam,” which in Arabic means “Tribe of Adam.” I want my children to understand that as far as their genetic ethnic background goes, all humans belong to the original tribe of Adam and Eve. Therefore, although we are not to impose the Bani Adam culture on anyone, anyone is welcome to it. Since AlQur’an teaches us to give the orphans names that preserve their paternal heritage, and Adam is the paternal ancestor of all humans today, it is obvious that for spiritual reasons it is important to bear a name for all the people that preserves our paternal heritage in Adam. So if anyone asks my future children what their genetic ethnic heritage is, or anything of the sort – “What are you?” “What’s your race?” “Where are you from?” et cetera – they can simply say “We are Bani Adam,” meaning, “We are children of Adam.” But in our culture, the Bani Adam culture, there will be secondary languages, which will be the sacred languages of the world, as well as Latin. This is so that the ancient texts of wisdom and knowledge from the past can be read and understood directly from their original languages. On top of that, we speak English.


I intend to provide my future children, and any other people who wish to join the culture, with a basic skeletal structure for Bani Adam culture. First of all, I want to start with something simple: A traditional system of nomenclature. The use of Latin will be important for this. Nomenclature is a system in which names are structured. Different cultures have different forms of nomenclature. For example, in America, general American nomenclature is simple; a full name consists of a first name, the person’s personal name, followed by a middle name, and finished with the family name. In Arabia, names are long, and include a personal and surname, the person’s father’s name, a place-name, a clan and/or tribe name, et cetera. I’ve designed a nomenclature that clarifies who an individual is and where they are from, using Latin terms to refer to each type of name:


  1. Nomen Persona (the personal name): This is the personal name given to the individual by the people who raised them. This name has two forms. The first is the Nomen Ante Opus (“Name Before Duty”). The second is the Nomen Opus (“Career Name”). When someone grows up and gets a career, or a facsimile thereof, they become publically known by their career name, so that they are known for what they do.
  2. Nomen Virtus (the virtue name): This is the second name, following the Nomen Persona. It is a name earned by virtuous behavior. When an individual of the Bani Adam culture becomes an adult, they are encouraged to find something heroic, honorable, or virtuous to do, for their own good. Once they do, they are given a Nomen Virtus that reflects what it was they did.
  3. Nomen Familia (the family name): This is the name of your family. It is the name of the land your family lives in.
  4. Nomen Pater (the name of your father).
  5. Nomen Adam (Name of Adam). This is the tribal name “Bani Adam.” This name is attached to the end of every person’s name, except dishonorable people; it is removed from them, along with their Nomen Virtus.


An example of a Bani Adam name, in Arabic, is as follows:


Annadheer Almuttarqah AlAmrikih Bin-Ttalibi min Bani Adam. This is the word-for-word meaning: The Nazirite, The Smasher (my personal virtue; I was known for my fierce warrior nature, so they called me “The Smasher”), America (or rather, “The American”), Son of Talib of the Tribe of Adam.


Another example:


Ttawbib Alkhairi AlAmrikih Bin-Jhaimsi min Bani Adam, meaning “Doctor, The Charitable, America, Son of James of the Tribe of Adam.”


Latin Bani Adam name:


Proximodeus Fortis America Billianus de Bani Adam, meaning “Close to GOD (pre-career name), Strong, America, Son of Billy of the Tribe of Adam.” I have to note, that in Roman times, there was no such word as “Billianus.” But if ancient Romans met someone named “Billy,” based upon how the Latin language works, they most likely would have called a son of Billy, “Billianus,” and a daughter of Billy, “Billiana.” This is proven by Latin names like “Julianus” which means “Son of Julius,” and “Juliana” which means “Daughter of Julius.” The name “Billy” would have been Latinized as “Billius” most likely.


Now, if I can start a community of families joining the Bani Adam culture, it will not be required that anyone abandon the names they already had. Those names might mean something to the people. But they will be expected to take up Bani Adam names, either in Latin or in Arabic, (either language works).


Now let us discuss Bani Adam spirituality. Our culture must embody an attitude of tolerance. The basic attitude must be: All humans are members of the same tribe of Adam, and all humans inherit the ancient spirituality that was the original culture of Adam and Eve, and their children. This ancient religion is preserved in all of today’s religions as the common core principles and beliefs that can be found in literally all ancient religions of the world. Therefore, ultimately, all religions are the same at heart. As the religion of Adam was simply submission to GOD, all people, of any religion, who submit themselves wholeheartedly to GOD, are practicing the same religion under a different name. Just as GOD has many names, so does GOD’s religion, and by “religion,” we simply mean a spiritually healthy way of life.


We believe in all of the Scriptures of GOD. We believe that it is important for individuals to personally study any and every religion and sacred text, and to use one’s own brain to think carefully about one’s beliefs. In believing in all Scriptures, we therefore believe that one must be free to interpret any Scripture for oneself. No one can tell you what you have to think a Scripture verse means.


Nature is sacred. Pollution will not be tolerated in Bani Adam culture. We do our best to live in accordance to what AlQur’an calls “Almizan,” “The Balance.” This is both the precise balance of the physical constants of our universe, which are finely tuned and which define the laws of physics of our universe, the total balance of nature, and the balance of every ecosystem on every planet in our universe. It is The Balance of Nature. In AlQur’an 55:7-9 it says, “Wassama ‘arafa’aha wa wad’a Almizan. A la tattaghaw fi Ilmizan. Wa aqimulwazna bilqistti wa la tukhsir Ulmizan,” which means “And he raised the heaven and established The Balance. Do not transgress The Balance. You shall establish justice; do not violate The Balance.” This applies both to The Balance of Nature all around us, throughout reality, and within ourselves and our bodies. Therefore, just as we strive not to pollute or destroy the environment around us, we also strive not to pollute or destroy the environments within ourselves and our bodies.

In order to avoid destroying The Balance within our bodies, Bani Adam culture will have traditional dietary guidelines. They will be:




  1. Do not eat cooked food, unless you are eating a healthy food that has to be cooked to be eaten, such as meat.
  2. Do not eat processed food.
  3. Do not eat inorganic food.
  4. Do not eat pig meat.
  5. Do not consume running blood.
  6. Do not consume carrion.
  7. Do not consume food or drink that has been dedicated to idols.
  8. Do not consume what makes you sick.





  1. Eat fresh, raw foods.
  2. Eat cooked meats.
  3. Eat organic foods.
  4. Eat probiotic foods.



This should suffice as a basic skeletal structure for the culture and lifestyle of Bani Adam. I really hope for a whole Bani Adam community to be created, maybe in my lifetime, and maybe after. GOD knows. Either way, if I have children, this is how I hope to raise them. All other details of the culture are left for the people to decide.

The Marks of Cain and of The Beast

I seek refuge in The GOD against The Adversary rejected. In the name of The GOD, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful. My LORD I seek refuge in YOU from the whispers of the adversaries, and I seek refuge in YOU, my LORD, lest they come near me.

Note: In the above prayer, I am translating “Ash-Shayttan” and “shayatteen” as “The Adversary” and “adversaries” rather than their most common translations “Satan” and “devils.” I just thought I should explain that before I continue.

The Mark of The Beast is not, as far as it seems to me, 666. It is 616. It is also none other than the Mark of Cain. The Bible is translated from manuscripts, which are ancient copies of the Scriptures. For some reason, there are several ancient manuscripts in Greek and Latin that either spell out the words “Six-hundred sixty-six” or “Six-hundred sixteen” in Greek or Latin, while others use the Greek alphabet numerals (Greek gematria). The OLDEST manuscript known so far, titled Papyrus 115, uses the Greek alphabet numerals “XIC,” “Khi Iota Sigma.” Their Greek numeric values are 600, 10 and 6, and therefore they stand for 616. This is in Revelations 13:18, in the oldest known written Greek text of Revelation 13:18.

These letters were handed down from ancient Phoenician and Proto-Sinaitic pictographic writing. In pictographic writing, each letter is both a symbol for a sound, and, a symbol of an object or a concept. Although in Greek, X stood for the sound “Khi,” it stood for “Tav” in ancient Phoenician, (I’m not sure why it’s sound was changed in Greek, but the symbol was handed down). As a Phoenician pictographic letter, it also stood for a mark. Things were marked with crosses. The Greek letter Iota, had a more complex form in ancient Phoenician, but stood for an arm or hand. The C stood for the “L” sound, and was a goad or crook, tools which were used by shepherds to herd and control their beasts, their animals. Some may argue that because these letters come from Phoenician and Proto-Sinaitic, and because they look like their original Phoenician forms, they must therefore be ancient Phoenician preserved in a Greek text. I must point out they hardly look like Phoenician. The X is the only one of the symbols that is perfectly preserved from the old Phoenician by the Greek language, but it has a completely different sound. In the actual photographs of the XIC in Papyrus 115, you can see that the C looks kind of like a Phoenician letter L turned 45 degrees clockwise, but, that doesn’t mean that it’s a Phoenician L. It is a Greek sigma. XIC = 616.

Another manuscript, Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus, known before anyone found Papyrus 115  but dating to after it, also has the number as 616, but instead of writing it in Greek numerals, it fully spells it out in Greek ἑξακόσιοι δέκα ἕξ, “hexakosioi deka hex” (“six-hundred, sixty-six). 

In all of those ancient languages, as I have explained before on this blog, there was an ancient numerological system used from the Mediterranean all the way throughout the Middle East and into Egypt by the Greeks, Phoenicians, Sumerians, Assyrians, the Hebrews, Hyksos, the Arabs, the Egyptians, and others, wherein their alphabet letters doubled as numbers. This was a universal system, and is known as “gematria.”  According to this ancient system, the letters XIC stand for 600, 10, and 6, the sum of which is 616. The reason why people believe that 666 is the Mark of The Beast, is because later manuscripts of the Book of Revelation have the Greek letters as χξϛ, (“Chi” “Xi” “Sigma”). It is uncertain why this is the case, but either way, the oldest manuscripts have it as XIC or  hexakosioi deka hex, 616.

The main purpose of this article is to prove to the many judgmental religious folks out there, who have been calling people “satanic” for bearing the number 666, that 666 was never the real Mark of The Beast. There is no strong evidence that 666 is a satanic number. In fact, regardless of whether or not the Mark of The Beast is 666 OR 616, either way, neither of those numbers is satanic. The Mark of The Beast AND The Mark of Cain are not satanic.

Here is a clear translation of Revelation 13:18, based on Papyrus 115:

              “Here the wisdom is in the one having understanding. Let him count the number of the beast, indeed it is a man’s number, and the number is 616.” 

The number of the beast is a MAN’s number. XIC, as pictographs, as I previously explained, are a mark, an arm or hand, and a shepherd’s crook or goad. Shepherds used crooks and goads to herd and direct their beasts. Cain’s brother Abel was a shepherd, and when Cain killed Abel, he incurred his mark on his arm or hand, of his brother’s crook. So when it says the number of the BEAST – a creature a shepherd would herd and direct with a crook or goad (a C) – is indeed a MAN’s number, and when you realize that the use of the word “number” in this verse is synonymous with “mark” (especially since the X is both a pictograph meaning a mark, AND a number), it becomes obvious to anyone who understands or possesses wisdom or knowledge, that the man mentioned is Cain. Therefore, as “number” is synonymous with “mark” in this verse, and the “man” is Cain, “a man’s number” obviously translates to “Cain’s Mark.” But if you study the Scriptures carefully, you will realize that Cain was not a satanic man. He committed his sin, murdering his brother, but was fearful afterwards; when GOD confronted Cain and cursed him, GOD cursed him with being unable to grow good food from the ground, and banished him from Eden. But nowhere does it say GOD condemned Cain to Hell. He was banished from Eden just as Adam and Eve were. Were Adam and Eve satanic? No. GOD understood that in their ignorance, they had made a mistake. When GOD confronted Cain, and Cain expressed his fear to GOD that people will kill him, THAT is when GOD puts a mark on Cain as a warning to anyone who tries to kill Cain, and GOD explains that if anyone kills Cain, they will suffer VENGEANCE seven-fold. If GOD was truly angry with Cain, why would GOD want to avenge the killing of Cain? If anyone argues that it is because GOD wanted to keep Cain alive to prolong Cain’s suffering, it is apparent in the verses that describe Cain getting married, building a city and having offspring, that Cain did not continuously suffer. He simply lived out his fair sentence for his crime. The story of Cain and Abel is described in The Torah in Genesis 4.

Now, I understand that most Christians do not give AlQur’an any credence, but I think it is important for them to note that in AlQur’an, where it discusses the story of Cain killing Abel, it explains that afterwards, GOD sent down a raven to scratch the Earth and teach Cain how to bury his brother. It also explains that when this happened, Cain felt remorseful, and lamented that he had failed to be as intelligent as the raven, and know how to bury his brother. He had felt remorseful for having murdered his brother. In light of both The Torah AND AlQur’an, it is clear that Cain did not feel good about the crime he had committed. We have to realize that in the story of Adam and Eve and their sons, GOD allowed them to make their mistakes – Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, and Cain murdering his brother – so that from their consequences they would learn valuable moral lessons. They HAD to commit their crimes in order to learn morality and to experience guilt, shame, humility and repentance.

              “And recite to them the story of two sons of Adam. In truth, when both offered a sacrifice, and it was accepted from one of them, and was not accepted from the other, the latter said ‘Surely I will kill you.’ The former said ‘The GOD only accepts from the GOD-fearing. If you stretch towards me your hand to kill me, I will not stretch my hand towards you to kill you. Indeed I fear The GOD, Lord of the worlds. Indeed, I wish that you be laden with my sin and your sin so you will be among companions of The Fire, and that is the recompense of the wrongdoers.’ Then his soul prompted him to kill his brother, so he killed him and became one of the losers. Then sent by The GOD was a raven, scratching in the Earth to show him how to cover the dead body of his brother. He said ‘Woe to me! Am I unable to be like this raven and cover the dead body of my brother?’ Then he became one of the remorseful” – AlQur’an 5:27-31

              Even if you don’t consider the details provided by AlQur’an regarding the moral character of Cain, and you only go by The Torah, there is still no direct indication that Cain was satanic. There is no direct indication that GOD condemned Cain to Hell. He was simply cursed with bad farming, and banished from Eden. Therefore there is no reason to think that the Mark of Cain is satanic. Since I have proven that the Mark of The Beast is none other than the Mark of Cain, and since there is no reason to think that the Mark of Cain is satanic, there is no reason to think that the Mark of The Beast is satanic. On top of that, 666 is NOT the Mark of The Beast or of Cain. The religious folks who judge so many people for bearing or using the number 666 as being satanic, are confused, ignorant, and misled, and need to stop judging people for it.

              One example of religious folks judging people like this, is when Christians bash Monster Energy for being satanic just because the Monster symbol looks like 666 in Hebrew letters. They point out in addition to this, that the “O” in “Monster” on all their products, contains a cross, so that when the cans or bottles are tipped as people drink from them, the crosses are turned upside-down. I don’t disagree with them that the symbolism is intentionally there; a monster is a BEAST, and the Monster M does very closely resemble the Hebrew letters that make the 666, and it sort-of does look like the “O” contains a cross. But that does not at all mean that we have a satanic energy drink company on our hands. I’ve already proven that 666 is not even the real Mark of The Beast, and even if it was, I’ve already explained why the Mark is not even satanic. It was simply a warning mark put on Cain. If anything, it’s more like a symbol of protection against murder, since GOD put it on Cain to prevent anyone from killing Cain. In that sense, it’s more likely a very good and positive symbol, and definitely not satanic. Either way, even if Monster intentionally put a 666 design into their logo, it would only be because they are subscribing to the common delusion of ignorant religious people that 666 is the Mark of The Monster (Mark of The Beast). Being that it is a delusion based upon people’s lack of knowledge regarding the real number, which is 616, even if the number was satanic, there is no way putting 666 on their products could make them satanic, because they’re not using the right number in the first place.

              I want to specify, by the way, that I don’t think all religious folks are ignorant. I myself am a religious man. I believe in everything I write on my blog here. I am simply aware of the fact that a lot of people who happen to be religious, also happen to be very ignorant. This is due to the type of religious people they are; the narrow-minded judgmental sort. They really need to reconsider their ways of thinking, and to study things more open-mindedly. If this lady would study carefully enough with an open-mind, she’d be more intelligent, much like the younger girl in the other video here. Instead this lady is making the same mistake that Monster might be making – confusing the number 666 as being a satanic number when it is not! And confusing it with the Mark of The Beast, which it is not! 666 is neither satanic, nor is it the number of the beast.

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